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Azure ARM Templates

What You Get

Your service coded in ARM templates

Declarative JSON service configuration

High quality code that is validated and tested

Scripts to automatically deploy the service in your Azure environment

Your Value

Quickly delivered high-quality code for your deployments

Validated, tested and ready-to-use code

Freed-up resources to focus on your customers or business

Tight cost control through fixed price service



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Service Details

Using infrastructure as code allows you to deploy applications and services as code. This gives organizations more control over the deployment process which reduces errors and deployment time and enhances the security, stability and overall quality of your environment. 

To deploy services as code, they need to be "codified". We own a large respository of ARM templates we can use as a base to create your custom templates to deploy exactly what you need. Once we understand exactly what you need, we will develop everything that is needed, so that you can just deploy our validated, tested and ready-to-deliver code in your environment - in any way you prefer.

There are two approaches to deliver this service:

  • Your service is fully documented with all needed settings so that we can just start coding

  • Your service is not yet documented and we assist you with the documentation before we can start coding

The difference is, that we need more time before we can start coding. The end result however will be exactly the same: rock-solid code to easily deploy your service whenever and whereever you want.

Simplified Service Process

Assistance with service documentation

Customer delivers service documentation

Creation of specs sheet incl. approval

Service coding, validation and testing


Handover templates and scripts

1 additional iteration for small adjustments

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