Advisory Services

Cloud Strategy

Once companies decide to use cloud services, a comprehensive cloud strategy needs to be shaped. This process needs lots of experience to not only evaluate the requirements of organizations, but also to define a cloud provider strategy, a workload migration strategy and of course a long-term vision. Our experienced architects help you on this journey.

Visionary thinking

Focus on Microsoft Clouds


Before we build anything, we'd like to understand the organization's challenges, pain points and exact requirements. Once we have a thorough understanding, we start building a design for your infrastructure or cloud platform, your service and your migration strategy. For our solutions we focus on Microsoft products and services such as Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365.

Agile design development

Valuable quality designs


Knowledge is key. This is why we provide and deliver a variety of trainings. Lots of our experience we were able to gain in the last years is incorporated in our workshops. Use this chance to learn directly from the field and from engineers and architects who know what they are talking about. To deliver our workshops we closely work with Microsoft Switzerland and Digicomp Academy.

Top trainers from the field

Know-how transfer

Project Services


Because of our long-time experience and investment in automated service delivery, we are able to offer specific projects as fixed price packaged services. This is our prefered way to deliver projects because it not only gives customers the confidence of calculatable costs, but also allows us to deliver those services in a very short time frame. 

Fixed price for cost optimizations

Fast service delivery

Crystal-clear deliverables


If no packaged service exists for a specific customer project or if a customer needs additional flexibility, our individual services come into play. With those we can build any valuable service and solution customers need. Individual projects are time and material projects and always based on a specific quote that is negotiated between the customer and us.

Individual price based on exact needs

Perfectly tailored solutions

Agile delivery

Operational Services

Subscription Services

We offer you a variety of services that support your business and solutions continuously. With those offerings we want to make sure that you can persist or even enhance the quality of your solutions and cloud platforms over time. With monthly fees the costs are manageable and fully transparent. Let us assist your team with our expertise so you can focus on your new requirements from your business units or your customers.

Monthly costs that are calculatable

Persists and enhances quality

Clear deliverables

Support Services

Once you run business critical services that are based on our solutions, you might want to backup your operations team with our operators and engineers. We know about the importance of services to your business and are here to step in if something goes wrong. With our support services you get guaranteed SLA's with response times and our team of qualified experts assist you bringing your services back online.

Immediate assistance

Guaranteed response times

Team of qualified experts

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